An Invitation to Regional Arbitration Dynamo
  First of all, I'm pleased to invite you to an important and unique event, the 2006 ICC/KCAB/KOCIA Conference on ¡°East Asia and International Commercial Arbitration¡± on Oct. 26-27 in Seoul. This conference is associated with the 40th anniversary of KCAB's foundation this year and its drive to play a leading....
    KCAB Blazes New Path to Hub of NE Asian Arbitration
  In line with its drive to enhance the provision of conflict resolution services anywhere in the world, the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB) plans to enact international arbitration rules, which will be available to disputing parties in addition to KCAB's Arbitration Rules. Under the new formula, KCAB....
    Commercial Dispute Cases Up, Amount Involved Down
  The total arbitration and mediation applications received at KCAB in 2005 numbered 709 and the amount involved in those cases was US$155 million, up 8% and down 17%, respectively, compared with the preceding year¡¯s 659 and US$186 million. Meanwhile, the number of arbitration cases received....
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