The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) has decided to actively promote the K-GIN (Korea-Global Innovation Network) program through five strategies. The five strategies are 'Creation of Technical Footholds in Five Regions,' 'Preparation of Int'l Technology Cooperation Roadmap,' 'Construction of Common R&D Cooperation Foundation,' 'Establishment of Global Technology Information Portal' and 'Fostering Specialized Technology Manpower by Region.'

  Highlights of the five strategies for the K-GIN program

  First, creating technical footholds so that Korea can enhance the synergy of bilateral technology cooperation with countries in five regions: Asia, Northeast Asia, America, EU and Eurasia.

  Second, identifying the optimum countries for cooperation and establishing a 'Cooperation Matrix' with detailed cooperation strategies in an international cooperation roadmap.

  Third, promoting the construction of basic common R&D foundations for joint technology development projects, manpower/information exchanges, etc. by nation, centering on the 'Cooperation Matrix,' such as an exemplary project in robot and digital electronic fields this year for participation in 'EUREKA.' As a pan-European market-oriented common R&D project, EUREKA was joined by about 2,000 enterprises, research institutes and colleges from 1985 until 2004 with a budget of 2.7 trillion won.

  Fourth, establishing a global technology information portal, 'K-GIN Online,' that integrates technology information and foothold strategies of cooperating countries by region. The 'www.globaltechnology' site is currently in operation and will be linked with regional footholds this year.

  Fifth, fostering specialized technology manpower by region. The 'Technology Academy' will be promoted this year for research institutes, colleges and enterprises, considering the shortage of regional technical experts. To strengthen technology cooperation with Europe, Korea suggested establishment of a technology cooperation center in France last year and intends to proceed with additional discussions during the first half of this year.