The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) has set a goal to raise the nation¡¯s potential GDP growth rate 1 percentage point, from 4% to 5%, to rank among the world¡¯s top 10 nations and to achieve a US$35,000 per capita GDP by 2015. In a report on its industrial innovation strategy, the ministry highlighted new policies focusing .....(more)
  Since the Korean semiconductor industry entered a fullscale investment stage in the early 1980s, it has achieved high-speed growth and development, becoming the worldleader in the DRAM ....(more)  
  The Korean government has designated 21 promising technologies tailored to develop Korea into a more prosperous, healthy and safe nation. Among the selected technologies are realistic digital convergence, ultra-high-function computing, bio (somatological) defense, customized medical science/new medicines, whole earth observation ....(more)  
  1. GE Capital Targets Korea¡¯s Unsecured Loan Market
2. GM Unveils Compact for Export
3. KBS World to Reach All of U.S.
4. America Thanks Korea for Aid to Katrina Victims