Ace Technology, a radio frequency (RF) device maker, aims to become a leading RF technology provider taking 10% of the world market by 2010. The company also set a goal to reap more than 85% of its total sales from export markets after 3 years.

Presently, Ace Technology is assembling RF equipment at its factory in Dongguan, and produces RF components at its plant in Gaoyao, China, while operating R&D facilities in Korea.

As a part of this strategy, the company has developed a small antenna and optical repeater used for terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) service, high power RF repeater for WiBro service, and a HD radio module combining an RF module and digital signal processing technology. It is also in development of a Zigbee control module.

Ace Technology plans to establish an international procurement office in Hong Kong, and expand shipments of products to the United States and Europe.

In addition, the company selected the service of installing infrastructures of satellite and terrestrial DMB and portable Internet as new major businesses. For this, Ace Technology joined the licensee of terrestrial DMB service, YTN DMB consortium, as one of major shareholders.

"We will produce and sell products targeting global market, while developing new products and installing infrastructures of new services," said Gu Gwan-yeong, CEO of the company.