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      KTNET Represents u-Trade Hub
  On December 18, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) held a meeting of its e-trade experts council and decided to designate KTNET as a basic e-trade infrastructure provider to operate u-Trade Hub. The ministry received applications for designation as an e-trade infrastructure business......
      Building Asia-Europe ‘e-Trade Silk Road’
  ASEAL (Asia-Europe Alliance), which was launched in 2004 by the governments and private e-trade firms of four countries, Korea, France, U.K. and Germany, to pursue paperless trade development and cooperation, is expanding into an organization that transcends the e-trade network between....
      e-Transaction Basic Law Approved
  The publicly-certified e-document archive system, consisting of framework including legal effectuation of storage of digital (scanning) documents, is expected to receive a boost as the revision bill of the e-transaction basic law was approved at the Cabinet Meeting on Dec. 5......
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    o KCS Opens ASEAN+3 Customs Web-site  
  o Tariff Classification Modified in